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5 Steps to Shake Up Your Fundraising

Multi-Channel FundraisingYou’ve heard it all before, right? You know
how nonprofit fundraising works. And there’s
not an auction or fun run you’ve met that
hasn’t raised money, so you’re just fine,

That’s fair. Those events do work.

But what if we told you there’s a secret list of
steps to explosive fundraising?
There is. And the secret pulls together a
lot of things you might already have — like
technology and a powerful mission and a
lot of passion — with things you might not
have, like understanding the immense power
of marketing attribution and reporting and
shifting your fundraising paradigm and
learning about how the right technology can
be the biggest secret weapon of them all.

CharityEngine has been working with
nonprofits of all sizes for the past decade,
and our technology and expertise have
combined to transform the fundraising of
charities large, medium, and small.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum,
this guide will give you best-practices,
actionable advice that addresses the
biggest challenges most nonprofits face
and details the easiest, most cost-effective
way to solve them.

Download the Guide