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The Definitive Guide to Nonprofit Donations

Definitive Guide to Nonprofit Donations

Nonprofits rely on donations to keep the lights on and the mission alive, but there are so many different ways to be successful!

We've compiled all the tips we've given our clients, whether they're enterprise-level and need to inject some new ideas into campaigns or they're growing and want all the information they can get.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Types of donations and how to ask for them
  • Best practices for that all-important email requesting donations
  • Tips for optimizing your donations form
  • A by-the-book lesson on donation receipts, including a free template you can use!
  • And a look at how technology can do the heavy lifting for you

The Definitive Guide to Nonprofit Donations today and get ready to level up your nonprofit fundraising game!

Download the Guide