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How to Make Your Donor Your Superhero

Join John Coogan, CharityEngine's Senior Director of Product Solutions, and Samantha Jones, Director of Customer Operations, as they discuss the secret weapon for nonprofit success: your donor really is your superhero, so how can you prove it?


They will share some tips with you on how to:
  • Help your donors see their role in the big picture
  • Make sure your messaging is donor-centric rather than organization-centric
  • Empower your donors to have an impact on your cause
What you will learn:
  • How to communicate appreciation to all your donors
  • Why even your smallest donors are your biggest superheroes
  • How the right technology can make all the difference


John Coogan square headshot
John Coogan

Senior Director of Product Solutions

Having served as the director of technology and digital fundraising at Wounded Warrior Project (one of the top 50 charities in the United States), John knows a thing or two about communicating with donors.



Samantha Jones

Director of Customer Operations

Sam works with our clients every day and can speak to how different methods of fundraising can be most effective.