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On-demand webinar

May Product Showcase

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Advocacy clients! We’re so excited to roll out six new features that will make taking action and supporting constituents even easier.

Join our team:

  • Alexis Langley, Customer Experience Manager
  • Zolaikha Freidah, Director of Product
  • John Coogan, Senior Director of Product Solutions

This team will demonstrate the new features and explain how they can make advocacy campaigns easier and more efficient. This is your opportunity to learn directly from our product experts about the powerful features designed with you and your organization’s goals in mind.

In this webinar, you will learn about (and see) the following enhancements to our popular advocacy module:

  • Customized Landing Page Content
  • Signing Up Without Addresses in Custom Representative Campaigns
  • Customizable Email Messaging Option
  • Improved Tracking of Advocates and Actions Taken
  • Comprehensive Advocate Tracking
  • Custom Survey Questions

As well as get a sneak peek at upcoming features, including Google Pay and Apple Pay