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On-demand webinar

The Psychology of Giving: How to Increase Donations

CharityEngine is delighted to welcome Angel Alomá, a nonprofit executive and fundraising consultant with decades of experience, and his son, Kristian Alomá, a brand consultant and consumer psychologist, for an engaging and informative webinar.

Together, father and son will share the lessons they’ve learned marketing to donors, emerging insights about the psychology of giving, and their unique perspectives on what the modern nonprofit can do to increase giving and deepen relationships with their stakeholders.

Fundraisers and nonprofit professionals looking to learn more about what motivates donors will find this session overflowing with new ideas they can bring back to their organization the very same day.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What motivates most donors
  • How incorporating the psychology of giving can increase engagement and fundraising
  • Actionable tips nonprofits can immediately implement


Angel Alomá

Nonprofit Executive and Fundraising Consultant 

Kristian Alomá

Brand Consultant and Consumer Psychologist