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The Overwhelming Issues Facing Nonprofits: An Executive Roundtable

In this executive roundtable recording, Phil Schmitz, CEO of CharityEngineand nonprofit leaders shed light into to common issues they face, such as: staff fatigue, donor fatigue, and retention, supply chain issues.

This entertaining discussion highlights the ways fundraising resembles a NASCAR race and posed the question, "What is your one-eyed dog?"

Panelists include:  

Christina Jones, Director of Data Science & Analytics, Hope Media Group 

Michael Fisher, Vice President of Development, Help Heal Veterans 

Brian Barks, President and CEO, Food Bank for the Heartland 

Watch this executive roundtable with our on-demand recording!


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Phil Schmitz

CEO, CharityEngine

As the Founder and CEO of CharityEngine, Phil has spent the past two decades developing technology that helps nonprofits leverage data to enrich donor relationships, raise more money, and increase their impact. He is committed to finding solutions to the problems most often faced by nonprofits and using technology to do the heavy lifting.

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Christina Jones

Director of Data Science & Analytics, Hope Media Group

As Director of Data Science & Analytics at Hope Media Group, Christina is passionate about data and obsessed with results. She thrives on leading organizations to become truly insight driven. Christina has more than 20 years of experience leveraging technology, business acumen, and analytics to drive sales and operational effectiveness in B2B, B2C, and nonprofit organizations.

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Brian Barks

President and CEO, Food Bank for the Heartland

Brian Barks is President and CEO at Food Bank for the Heartland. In this role, he is responsible for overall management and direction of Food Bank for the Heartland as well as overseeing the budgetary, strategic planning, and community relations management functions. Brian became President & CEO in July 2018 after spending nine years as the Director of Philanthropy & Communications at the Food Bank.

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Michael Fisher

Vice President of Development, Help Heal Veterans

Michael is a U.S. Navy veteran with more than ten years of experience leading nonprofit operations and maximizing donor engagement. In his career, Michael has supported nonprofits in steering their strategic direction, guiding leadership boards, and mentoring staff to drive financial viability and grow visibility within the community.