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Storytelling Secrets for Nonprofit Success


February 6 | 2PM EST

Why is it that some nonprofit missions go viral, and others fight for every donor? The secret, our webinar guests claim, is all in the stories you tell. 

CharityEngine is delighted to welcome back the dynamic Alomá duo. Angel is a fundraising consultant who ran one of the nation’s largest nonprofits for decades. His son, Kristian, is a highly regarded author, nonprofit brand consultant, and consumer psychologist. 

Together, they will speak about how the stories a nonprofit tells can define its brand, propel its mission, and amplify fundraising.   

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • How nonprofit can tell the stories that will attract donors 
  • Examples of stories done well (and the opposite)  
  • Perspective on the evolving nature of nonprofit marketing 
  • Thoughts on how AI can be used to inform nonprofit stories


Meet your Speakers

Angel aloma

Angel Alomá

Nonprofit Executive and Fundraising Consultant


Kristian Alomá

Brand Consultant and Consumer Psychologist